What care bear are you

Which Care Bear are you?

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What care bear are you

What care bear are you

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Come on. You know you want to. First of All, How Do You Feel About the Care Bears? . Which of These Shows Do You Hate the Least?. There's always a lot happening in the Kingdom of Caring and the Forest of Feelings; but which member of the Care Bear Stare do you best identify with?. Each Care Bear, from Cheer Bear to Tenderheart Bear, has a unique personality. Do you have a great attitude about life, like Cheer Bear?.

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What care bear are you

What care bear are you

What care bear are you

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Would You Survive The 'Stranger Things' Mind Flayer? Which 'Stranger Things' Character Are You Based On Your Music Choices? Which Beloved TV Neighbor . Since the s, Care Bears have been giving comfort and love to small children and adult-sized kids. If you were one of the sweet bears, which one would you. Can you do the Care Bears Countdown? Which Care Bear Are You? Can you do the Care Bears Countdown? Becky Christiansen. Created. My results are from the original care bears. Not the updated or upgraded ones. I only used five of them. Be careful what you choose because some of the. There are many Care Bears in the world of Care-A-Lot. Take the quiz to find which of 20 selected Care Bears you are! (Detailed results). Peanut butter or jelly? Peanut butter; Jelly. Sun or the stars? Sun; Stars. Down to earth or head in the clouds? Down to earth; Head in the clouds. Your type of fun. What care bear are you

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What care bear are you

What care bear are you

Care Bears - You Think You Know Cartoons?

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